Event Ticket Templates and Formats

An event ticket is a voucher for a monetary worth that is used by ticket holders to gain access to a particular event (public, corporate, or charity). It is owned by the event organizers and is sold to raise revenue from the event.

The ticket holder may or may not use the ticket for himself/herself and may choose to resale the ticket. Most of the events require the attendees to purchase a ticket, which could be used either to enter the event vicinity only or to gain access and to avail discount on the event’s offering based on the things covered in the ticket’s cost. Thus, having an event ticket is important to gain legal access to the event.

Types of tickets…

Event tickets could be of various types, based on what additional features the ticket covers. Below are mentioned few types which are generally common for any type of event:

  • General Admission Ticket – it is the most common type of event ticket used by the general audience and purchased by the masses. It is relatively more economical than the ones which cover certain exclusive offers. The ticket holder can gain entry into the event by showing the ticket to officials present at the event’s entrance point and can later choose to pay stallholders or service providers for the goods or services they wish to buy.
  • Early Bird – Ticket sellers use early bird offer to increase ticket sales by offering a certain percentage of the discount. It is a limited offer and expires beyond a particular date. The interested public can avail of the offer before the dare closes, thus purchasing the event’s tickets at a minimal cost.
  • Premium/VIP Tickets – These event tickets are costly relative to the aforementioned tickets and provide exclusive offers to the ticket holders. The offers could range from discounts on certain stalls set up at the event, to a place near the stage in case of a concert, or access to the event’s exclusive spaces.
  • Day(s) Specific Tickets – If the duration of an event spans a few consecutive days, the ticket sellers may give an offer, to the general public, to purchase a ticket for a day or complete event. This, however, comes with a catch. The sellers keep the price of full event access relatively lower than what it would be if individual tickets for all days are purchased. It serves as a temptation and the buyer pays for the ticket providing access to complete events, even when he/she may or may not show up in the latter days of the event, thus raising profit for event organizers.

Event ticket templates…

The templates for the event tickets could vary based on the event. Few events are considered formal gatherings while others are regarded as a source of entertainment or pleasure. So, before a template for the event ticket is designed, the host of the event must consider the following factors:

  • What type of event is being organized?
  • Would the event be open to the general public or would only specific guests be invited?
  • What would be the venue for the event?
  • What would be the dates and timings?
  • What features would the event cover?
  • What would be the price for different types of tickets and what would the package cover?
  • Are there any similar events scheduled on the same dates? And what type of tickets are being designed?

Essentials of event tickets…

Once the above-mentioned factors have been analyzed, along with other factors that the host deems important, the template for the event ticket should be designed. The following components should be defined and added as per the requirement: 

  • Event Ticket’s Text – the event’s name, category, time, date, ticket’s type, features covered in the ticket’s cost, and venue should be clearly visible on the ticket so that the potential attendees do not find it hard to locate or figure out the event’s details
  • Images – the ticket should include event-relevant images. The images could be of previous events, the speakers/important invitees, or the activities which would be covered in the event. But too many images can dissolve the text, so a collage compiling a minimal number of pictures would serve the purpose
  • Colors – the colors should be selected as per the theme of the event. Entertainment or leisure events could have vibrant colors, while for tickets for formal events lighter tone could be used. The colors of the background, text, and images must complement each other
  • Layout and size – Landscape orientation is commonly used for the event ticket template. Different layouts should be tried until the desired one is designed – appealing and attractive. The size also depends on the ticket’s content and alignment of the content

Online resources…

The ticket templates for various kinds of events could be designed online, using multiple available online resources. The online resources provide free access to professional, exquisite, and high-quality templates.

The artwork and design of such templates follow the latest trends. A user can choose to select any of the available templates, customize them as per the need, and can later download and print them. 

Few online resources also provide users with the option of designing their own tickets. In such a case, the resource provides different formats, a user can choose from. Once the size is selected, the user may choose the theme for layout, which could be classy, somber, etc. as per the requirement.

It is then followed by adding text and images which are to be used for the promotion of the event. This method also provides an efficient way of designing customized event tickets.

Printing a ticket…

For printing of online designed templates, either the services of the resource provider could be used, who charges a minimal fee and ship the order, or the pdf of the template can be saved and printed manually.

Another way for designing event templates could be using MS Word, or Publisher, which provides an inventory of available templates, and those could be customized, saved, and printed as well. More advanced methods include the use of the Adobe suite. 


Event Ticket Templates and Formats

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Event Ticket Templates and Formats

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Event Ticket Template for Word

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Event Ticket Template for Word

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Event Ticket Template

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