MS Word as Event Ticket Maker

Technology has provided mankind with all kinds of tools that help them extensively in their day-to-day functions. With technology, quality of life has changed drastically because it has made tasks easier, and the invention of user-friendly machines has opened new horizons.

In the field of entertainment, technology plays an important role because it touches almost every front of human life. All the recreational events and functions that bring people together are based on the assistance provided by the products of technology. People organize parties and events to gather people from different backgrounds and enjoy themselves. Mostly these events are tickets based which limits the number of attendees.

Paper-based entry passes

Tickets are paper-based entry passes for an event that helps organizers in keeping the event limited. These tickets are available for the public to purchase, weeks before the event so that all interested individuals can buy them according to their convenience. Tickets can be made in various applications provided by different manufacturers. These applications are equipped with tools for making tickets for any event.

MS Word is an application of Microsoft Office that helps greatly in creating content and other related material. It is mostly used by students for making assignments and other educational material. It also includes tools for making tickets, receipts, and other relevant designs.

MS Word provides many useful tools

For making tickets, MS word provides a wide range of shapes, textures, colors, and gradients that helps an individual in customizing a ticket according to their liking.

The whole process of making a ticket in MS Word includes the following points,

  • Open the application of MS Word and in the insert tab, look for an appropriate shape for a ticket.
  • Select the shape and design it by adding desired colors and applying different gradients and textures.
  • Select an appropriate border for the ticket because it enhances shape.
  • Add the information related to the event for which the ticket is designed.
  • Spell-check and proofread to avoid any mistakes.
  • Print the ticket on desired paper and it can be used instantly for its purpose


Tickets are designed depending on the event that they are made for. These designs may vary from vibrant to simple, but they mostly serve the purpose of entry at any event.

The design of tickets can be made by adding images or graphics depending on the theme of the event. Pictures of the related image make for a great background. A mixture of colors can also be used as a background. Simple tickets use a solid color against dark color font.

Furthermore, the use of appropriate font size and style further beautifies the ticket. MS Word provides a wide array of font styles to choose from. In addition to choosing font size and style, the color of fonts can also be selected based on the background.

Mostly, MS Word is used for designing tickets for all sorts of events because it provides a wide range of tools and options to choose from. It is the preferred application for customizing cards, tickets, worksheets, and receipts.

Download, Edit, and Print tickets for MS Word

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