We all attend events now and then. Some of these events are free that want our presence while some of them require you to buy tickets to attend them. There are many purposes for using event tickets. Some events are organized for collecting charity which they collect by asking people to attend the event by buying tickets. However, some events are organized for marketing and promotional purpose. The event ticket is by large, a token that you need when you want to be a part of the event.

If you are hosting an event for earning purposes and you want people to attend it, you will be required to make a ticket for your event. The event ticket template is for people like you. The template given here is available in MS Word file format.

MS Word ticket template for an event is better than any other format because it is editable and also does not involve many complexities. People who want to bring modifications to the template can easily edit the MS Word file and then print the ticket of their choice.

Design of the template for the MS Word event ticket

The ticket for every event reflects the type of event being organized. When you use the MS Word template for creating your event ticket, you get a huge variety of designs. It is your job to set the tone for the ticket you want to have for an event you are hosting.

Designing the ticket also requires you to choose the theme that you want to reflect on. Every event has a particular theme to follow. So, when you design the ticket for an event, you should also consider the theme to be seen in the MS Word event ticket.

People who don’t have any theme in their minds can easily get the idea from the template. The template has a variety of themes to be selected. The one that you think is most appropriate for the event you are going to host can be chosen.

How to create an event ticket using a template?

Although the template has many readymade tickets available for a number of events, you will still have to put some effort into designing the ticket that suits your needs the most. A step-by-step guide is here for you to help get started with creating the ticket for your event.

1- Choose a ticket of the right size

While you start making a ticket from this template, you need to figure out which size of the ticket will be appropriate for you. Additionally, it is also important to be considered that the images that you want to add to the ticket template are adequately sized for the template so that you may not end up cutting off or cropping the required images. It will ruin the overall look of the template.

If your images are square-shaped, use the template with square-shaped spaces for images.

2- Find the right theme

You might have chosen a theme for your event already. Now it is time for you to find themes relevant to your event and then incorporate them into your ticket. Even if you have not chosen any theme, you can scroll through the huge collection of themes and choose what suits your preferences.

You can choose the theme according to the mood you want to communicate. The most important about choosing the mood is that it reflects your choice and also conveys the message in the way you want it to be conveyed.

3- Add images

Adding images to the template is one of the most important because, without images, a ticker can never impart a professional look. Additionally, images are what make your ticket for any event stand out. So, you should choose the image wisely. You can either scroll through a large collection of images of the event ticket template or add your images.

4- Write a description with eye-catching text

After adding the images, another important step is adding the text. Text is the description of the event you are hosting. It tells the timing, venue, and lots of other details about the event. When it comes to adding the font to the ticket template of your event, you need to choose the font color, size, and style that complement the design of the ticket. Furthermore, make sure that the text is engaging.

5- Download or share online

After designing the entire ticket for your event, you can print it on the desired type of paper. If you want to make the tickets to be available online, you can share them online via social media and many other platforms. These tickets are also available offline if you download them.

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