Fake Bus Ticket Templates

Traveling by public transport requires one to follow certain procedures. You need to follow any rules when on the bus such as not smoking. To enter the bus a ticket is required. This includes certain details.

What is a fake bus ticket?

A fake bus ticket is a ticket made to enter public transport. A fake one can be made to play with. If you get caught using a fake ticket on a bus you can be penalized. There are certain details included on a ticket that make it valid.

Importance of a bus ticket

A bus ticket is important as it confirms how many people are entering the bus. There are a limited number of seats so the tickets are made according to this. There will be no confusion about extra passengers and fewer seats. The ticket is kept as a record by the seller of how many seats were sold. It is kept as a record by the receiver so that they can show it when needed.

Tips to create a fake bus ticket:

If you want to make a fake bus ticket you need to know what details to add to it. The following tips can be kept in mind:

The software and styling

  • Microsoft Word: An application has to be selected in which the ticket can be created professionally. Microsoft Word can be used here.
  • Heading: The ticket will have to have a heading. It allows all to know what it is for. This one will be a “Bus Ticket”.
  • Logo: A logo of the bus company should be added. The logo gives it a professional touch. Adding the logo will help us know which bus service it is for.
  • Serial number: A bus ticket requires a serial number. With it, no one can make a copy of the ticket. The authorities will know if the ticket is a fake one.
  • Details to include: The bus ticket needs to state the date it can be used, and the time of travel. The person will only be allowed to travel on the date and time specified. The place where the person is entering the bus will be given. You have to include an area that will tell the destination. Some buses have multiple stops; therefore, the destination is required to know where the passenger has paid till. The gate number should be added as well.
  • People allowed: If the ticket allows entry of only one person, state it.

Ticket attributes

Cost of ticket: The cost of the ticket can be given on the ticket. With the information, passengers will know they have not been cheated out by having to pay more.’

Tear-off area: All tickets have a tear-off area. This is kept by the specified person checking who is entering the bus. The area will also include the date, and time, from where traveling is occurring where. The serial number will be present on this as well.

Other information: There are sometimes other details that the owners want passengers to know about. It includes information on how to behave on the bus. For instance, you will not be allowed to smoke, pets may not be allowed to enter the bus, etc. The time that the passenger needs to arrive before departure must be given. You can include extra details on the back but make sure people read them. They must be included in an area where they are read. Information like when to arrive before departure can be given on the front area of the ticket.

Designing of ticket

The ticket can include color and pictures. But do not make it look childish. The color must not make the font unreadable. A cartoon image of a bus or an image of a real bus can be printed on the ticket. Do not add too many pictures so that it becomes confusing to read. The font chosen to add the details must be a readable one. It should be of a good size as well. The color must stand out against the background.

A fake bus ticket can be made by considering the above points. Make it look good to the eyes and also add all the information which is needed. Passengers should know all details that are required.


Fake bus ticket template

Ticket File Size: 2.3 MB


Fake bus ticket template

Ticket File Size: 2.3 MB


Fake bus ticket template

Ticket File Size: 2.3 MB


Fake bus ticket template

Ticket File Size: 2.3 MB


Fake bus ticket template

Ticket File Size: 2.3 MB

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