Fake Event Ticket Templates for Word

The entry to different events is often paid. The visitors must buy a ticket before they can enter the venue of the event. A lot of revenue is generated by the sale of the tickets alone, especially in the case of charity drives. These events can vary from circus and musical galas to different types of exhibitions.

All of them require paid entry through a ticket. Tickets can be bought from the event venue or from outlets of different restaurants. Nowadays, tickets can also be bought online. The payment is done through bank transfer and when the ticket is issued its print is taken to be shown at the venue.

The exact contents of the tickets vary from event to event but some generic entries are the same. Making a template of the ticket would make it easy for the event organizers to use the same template every time the event is organized. This would save the time and effort required to make a new design every time.

Also using the same design for the template would give a sense of continuity and professionalism to the event.

A template would have blank spaces which will be filled according to the event. The tickets are usually colorful and attractive but the color scheme and aesthetics depend on the event. They are printed on durable paper to bear the wear and tear involved in handling.

The template of a typical event ticket would include the following entries.


  1. Name of the event: The name of the event would be written in the middle in bold letters at the top of the ticket. For example, ‘Musical Gala 2022’ or ‘Lucky Irani Circus’ etc.
  2. Tag line: The name of the event is often followed by a tagline, depending on the event. For example, a carnival ticket might have “Welcome to an evening full of fun and good food” or a concert ticket might have “Welcoming you to a memorable evening filled with beautiful music”, written below the name of the event.
  3. Date and Day of the event: It is a very important part of the ticket as when the events are spread over multiple days, it is important to mention which day’s ticket the person has bought. It is important to clearly mention the date of the event on the ticket.
  4. Time: Some events have a starting and ending time, it is important to mention that time on the ticket, or in some cases, there are multiple shows on the same day, in that scenario too, you need to mention the time slot for which this ticket is being issued.
  5. Venue: The venue of the event is important to mention as sometimes the tickets are sold in a separate place and the address of the venue helps the visitors find the place easily.
  6. Price of the ticket: The entry fee is mentioned so that no one can overcharge a visitor.
  7. Ticket number: The ticket number is written below this. This helps in maintaining the record.
  8. Bar code: Barcode is printed below the right-hand side of the ticket. In some places, the bar code is scanned at the entrance to control entry to the venue.

Usually, the ticket is printed in landscape format and three-quarters of the ticket is printed with the above-listed contents while the remaining quarter of the ticket is printed with the name, time, and date of the event written in smaller font in portrait mode.

Usually the ticket checker, after checking the ticket cuts off this part and gives this stub to the visitor as proof and keeps the other part with him/her. This is done so that the organizers can tally the amount collected with the number of tickets sold and the visitor is given the stub so that they can show it to anyone asking for their ticket as proof of purchase.

Sometimes raffle draw is done on entry tickets and the part the ticket checker keeps with him is put in a ballot box and some numbers are drawn which are given different prizes. These prizes may be in cash form or in gifts form.