Rugby Tournament Ticket Templates

Rugby is a type of sport that is played amongst players with a rugby ball. For those who love it, it is exciting and relaxing to watch a game of this. The thrill present in a match that is life and which you do not know the outcome of is amazing. Rugby matches of this sort may need a ticket for people to watch them as they may be live.

What are the rugby match tickets?

Rugby match tickets are tickets needed to watch a certain rugby game. They include important information related to the match such as when it will be held, location, date, time, etc. Without these people cannot take part in the match.

Tickets help control the audience

Those who host the game find tickets as being very important. Money can be made from them which may be what is sponsoring the match. Players may get paid for taking part in it. There is limited room available at the match location and if there are no tickets too many people may enter that the place cannot support.

This will result in the disturbance being caused. If there are tickets then the people hosting it know that extra individuals will not be allowed to enter.

The tickets are also important for viewers. It gives them information about the match so that they can remember important details such as when it will be held. It tells viewers what their seat number is.

Confusion will be limited and everything will occur orderly as people will have seat numbers and know where to sit.

Guide before you order

When you need to make this ticket have all the information with you so that it can be included. The following points are helpful:

Text on the ticket

  • Type it– Many tickets need to be made so it is better to type them and print them out. This looks professional as well.
  • Font and colors– For these, you should choose a good and professional font rather than a childish one. The color for the font and background needs to be kept in mind also so that they do not clash. The font has to be able to be read clearly. You can include images such as one of the rugby balls.
  • Heading– The heading helps tell what the ticket is actually for. It can be something like, “Rugby Ticket”. The heading will be in a larger font so that it stands out.


  • Sponsor– If any sponsors are responsible for the match tell their names.
  • Who will be involved- Mention the teams taking part in the match. It may be between two different countries, if so, state their names.

Venue and permissions

  • Venue– Without the venue included viewers, will not know where it will take place. This has to be stated clearly so that confusion is avoided. Give the address. You can provide your contact number as well if someone needs to contact you.
  • Seat number– If you want to allocate seats and are selling tickets according to the seat, mention the seat number on the ticket.
  • Those allowed to enter– Some matches do not let children be allowed to watch the rugby game. If so, tell this properly so that people do not bring kids along.

Date, time, and price

  • Date and time– The exact date with the day, date, and year stated must be provided. Give the time when the match will start.
  • Price- You have to tell how much the ticket costs letting individuals know and no one gets cheated out by sellers telling a higher price. If there are different prices for adults, elderly, and youth, state these.
  • Ticket number– This is a very important detail without which tickets can be duplicated by anyone to make money.


  • Area to be kept by the administration– The ticket should have an area that can be torn off which the guard will keep so that the ticket does not get used again.
  • Where it can be gotten– This will include the phone number and website where reservations can be made for instance.
  • Other information- Mention if the ticket is non-refundable, whether there will be refreshments that can be brought and other forms of entertainment that may be present at the match.

Do not add unnecessarily

The rugby match ticket should only include information that is needed. Do not add anything unnecessary which can make the ticket look clustered and tough to read. People are not interested in reading this. Mention important points and make it look attractive by using some color. The above points can help in making the ticket so that vital details are present.

The size must be proper so that it is not tough to carry the ticket. Some people may include details of the buyer such as their name, address, and email, which is kept by those selling the tickets.


Rugby Tournament Ticket Template

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Rugby Tournament Ticket Template

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Rugby Tournament Ticket Template

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Rugby Tournament Ticket Template for Word

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Rugby Tournament Ticket Template for Word

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