Theatre Ticket Templates

Many people love watching theatre. There are different genres of plays along with dramatic performances that occur. It is often a civilized setting where everything occurs in an orderly fashion. To enter the theatre and watch a play, you will need to have a ticket.

What is a theatre ticket template?

The theatre ticket template is the template that is created to make theater tickets. Only when one has a ticket will they be allowed to enter. Certain details are also stated in this.

Theatre tickets are important because they allow the organizers of the play to know how many people will be coming to watch. According to this the seating and everything else can be arranged. If hardly anyone comes, the play may get canceled instead of the actors wasting their time. Due to the point that the event is often a decent one, no person must come who harms it. Without a ticket, anyone can enter. The money made from the sales can be used for a useful purpose.

Theatre ticket designs

If you are organizing a play at the theatre, it is a good idea to make tickets because of the reasons stated above. The following tips can be kept in mind when doing this:


Microsoft Word: You can use Microsoft Word to create the template. Here it is possible to add colors, images, and text, according to your choice.

Text design and size

Font and color: The font that you select must be a readable one. Some people may want to make it fancy according to the performance, however, be sure that it can be read. It will also be bigger than the rest of the text. The color you use for the writing must be prominent and not be hidden in the background color. Viewers must know exactly what you have written and be able to read it easily.

Heading: You need to have a heading so that individuals know what the ticket is for. It can be the name of the performance, for instance, “Macbeth”, “Animal Farm”, etc.

Date & location

Date and time: Viewers must know when the play will be happening. The date should be given with the day, month, and year. You also have to tell when it will start and when it will end. All these details have to be prominent.

Location: The place where the performance is occurring must be provided. It will be a theatre, give its name. You should add the address as well for those who may not know where it is. It should be simple to find by what you include.

Other detail

Main actors: To make it more attractive for people to want to watch, you can list the starring actors. These will probably be popular ones that individuals like to watch.

Ticket number: This is another important part of the ticket. It will help the organizers know whether any fake ticket has been made.

How many are allowed: State the number of people who are allowed to enter on the ticket. It will usually be one. If kids and children below a certain age are not allowed, tell it as well.

Price of the ticket: This is helpful so that no one gets cheated out.

Contact details: In case someone has to contact you include your contact number and email address.

What type of ticket it is: For some theatres, there may be special VIP seats. If the ticket is for one of these, mention it so that those at the entrance know and can help the viewer out.

Designing part: It is a good idea to make it look attractive. You can include colors and pictures here. The image can be related to the theatre or it may be of the famous actor taking part in the play. Color may be added like gold, red, etc.

Any important information

If there is anything that you would like to tell viewers include it so that they know. It can be added at the back, but make sure it is read. Information can be whether snacks are allowed if they will be sold if pets are not allowed if babies are not allowed.

You may want to tell viewers to be on time or else the doors will be closed. You can inform people to behave properly and not make any unnecessary noise during the performance. Do not include too much information or else no one will bother reading it.

One part of the planning of a play at a theatre is to make tickets. These are necessary, as stated above. The organizers can know exactly how many people will be coming. Make them easy to read and understand by only including what is required.


Theatre Ticket Template

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Theatre Ticket Template

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Theatre Ticket Template

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Theatre Ticket Template

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Theatre Ticket Template

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