Cinema Ticket Templates

Cinema tickets are entry passes to a cinema for watching a movie, documentary, or whatever is being shown in a cinema. These tickets are issued by a cinema to its customers. As cinema tickets are printed and issued on a frequent basis, a template is often designed, that is customized as per the requirements of every movie, which is being showcased in the cinema.

The advantages of using a template for cinema tickets are manifold, which include:

  • Every time a new movie is shown, only the details need to be edited on the available template.
  • It saves a lot of cost in terms of money and time.
  • It maintains uniformity in the cinema tickets of a particular cinema.

Using a template

The administration of a cinema may decide to design their own template in the first place, and use it later, by editing the required details. This template design can be an in-house job, or it can be outsourced to professionals.

The other option, which is cheaper as well, is to use the ready-made templates, which are easily downloadable from the internet sites, or available in programs, such as Microsoft Word. Sometimes, to save cost and yet remain unique, cinemas take various available templates and mix them to make a required template design.

A cinema ticket template can be designed to have various details, as per the requirements of the cinema owners. However, the general information placed on such a template includes:

  • Date.
  • A serial number of the ticket.
  • The name of the cinema.
  • Time.
  • Movie name.
  • Hall name/number.
  • Seat number.
  • Type of ticket (e.g., economy, etc.).
  • Price of the ticket.
  • Validity and expiry date.
  • Any free gifts or discounts.

Considerations before designing a great ticket

When a cinema ticket template is designed, there are a few considerations that need to be kept in mind, which entail the following:

  • The colors used are vibrant and attractive.
  • The design, font, pictures, etc., are appealing to the general eye.
  • The details and information stated should be clear and straightforward. For instance, if the ticket allows for free popcorn, it should be visibly and clearly stated, so that the customer does not miss out on that.
  • All the text should be legible.
  • The template should match the cinema‚Äôs brand image and positioning.
  • The template should be of the sort that can be used for any kind of movie, documentary, etc., that could be shown in the cinema.

The layout of a cinema ticket

Usually, a cinema paper ticket is divided into two parts. When it is issued and is used by the buyer as an entry pass, the collector tears one part, and gives it to the customer, while keeping the other one with himself. This is an indication that the customer has entered the cinema with a ticket and is not a trespasser. The ticket parts can be used as evidence as well in case a need arises.

In addition, the serial number listed can help in tallying the number of issued tickets, to avoid fake printing by outsiders.

In this new technological era, cinema tickets have become digitalized as well. Although paper tickets are still used frequently, few cinemas issue digital tickets as well.

For instance, if an individual is a regular customer, he may want to deposit a lump sum of money, to avoid buying a ticket every time he wants to watch a movie. He only needs to reserve his seat, and then get his card scanned as an entry pass. He does not have to physically come and buy the ticket.

For such digital cards, a separate template is designed, as the information needs to be coded to be stored on the card.


Cinema ticket template

File: Word (.docx)
Dimension 5.5″ x 2″
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Cinema ticket template

File: Word (.docx)
Dimension 5.5″ x 2″
Size 380 KB

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